There are two main methods to create printed scarves. Digital printing applies all of the colours simultaneously as the fabric passes through a printer using similar technology to an ink-jet printer for your computer. But you need to have a thin scarf to allowed the colors to go through the silk. Usually, they are hand rolled to correct the thinness of the fabric and the twisting of the less quality product. Screen printing is the traditional method in France and Italy. Screens need to be engraved, one for each colour in the design. Once the screen is laid on the fabric, ink is drawn across the screen and passes through the gaps that have been engraved into the screen then onto the fabric. The screen is lifted and placed in position for the next repeat. Once the length is completed, the screen is changed, and the next colour applied. The Silk is heavier, with high-quality fabric, and the colors are the same on both side. They could be rolled by a machine because the silk is thick and machine rolled is better quality and regularity. We sell only Screen Printing Scarf, made in France by Marc Rozier Soierie a family owned company since 1890 in Lyon, France. Their rules are Quality, Luxury and Design And we are proud to sell their French silk scarf.

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Enjoy our range of real French silk scarves. The perfect gift for her !
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