The Chant des Partisans was the most popular song of the Free French and French Resistance during World War II. The piece was written and put to melody in London in 1943 after Anna Marly heard a Russian song that provided her with inspiration. Joseph Kessel and Maurice Druon wrote the French lyrics. It was performed by Anna Marly, broadcast by the BBC and adopted by the maquis. The lyrics of the song revolve around the idea of a life-or-death struggle for national liberation. After the war the Chant des Partisans was so popular, it was proposed as a new national anthem for France. It became for a short while the unofficial national anthem, next to the official La Marseillaise. I found a beautiful new version of this song with a very nice video.

Les Stentors ” Le chant des partisans”
Real Jean Marie Antonini Dp Piero Jouvion Steadycamer Thierry Thuillier 1st Ac Florian Forléo Prod C4 production Shot on Alexa 4:3 and Hawk anamorphic 45-90mm…
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