How to make any interior look French and beautiful.

The French interior design trend is one that people just adore – the French style is one of simplicity, class and elegance. When you choose to decorate and theme your interiors around the Parisian and French style – you want your rooms to feel cultural, rustic and beautiful – almost like there is a beautiful ocean view just beyond the window. The French style also has a throwback to the beautiful vintage style we all love. Achieving this gorgeous style for your home isn’t a hard quest – it’s one that can be easily achieved with a few simple additions and touches to your house as it is, and on a relatively low budget too. Here are my tips for releasing your inner French Goddess and making your home utterly beautiful.

  1. White Wash: White washing is a quick way to create that beautiful rustic French feel – simply take your old wooden items (such as mirrors, desks, book cases, etc) and paint them with a layer of diluted white paint. This will give you a gorgeous faded effect which will add that light, classic, feel that the French and famed for.
  2. Draping: Draping is another big French style point. Use long white curtains in your living room or bedroom and drape them gracefully and elegantly. The effect will lighten the room – but it’ll also add a beautiful feature to the room which guests can concentrate on when they enter.
  3. Rustic Accessories: Instead of choosing shiny and new accessories, opt for instead, a selection of rustic or antique accessories for your home. A beautifully ornate mirror can add so much more class and elegance than a simple plain, modern mirror.
  4. Make your windows a feature: In France the windows are often a feature of the room and a great way to get the same effect is by installing some French style window shutters – or some blinds that emulate the same effect.
  5. Choose muted colours: The traditional French design theme, isn’t about bright colours or bold designs – it’s about classic patterns that are effective despite their subtlety. Choose natural shades such as white, beige and stone – and then accent them with a few small pieces with more colours.

By following these tips – you’ll achieve the French design look you’re looking for. Remember though – interior design is about feeling happy and comfortable with where you live – so just ensure that whatever you choose in terms of design, that you’re happy with it.

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