Our new website for everything about French Food

In 2010, we launched www.my-french-neighbor.com, a website where you can find everything about French Country Decor. We were asked several times about FrenchFrench Food food because France is mostly known for it’s cuisine. So we started to sell French food in our shop in Orlando an on our website. Soon, some food items became our bestsellers sowe decided to create a new online store only French Food related. We were lucky to able to buy the domaine name www.french-food.com. On this website we currently sell a little less than 100 different French specialties but we wills soon have more than 300 items available.

We also offer some famous French recipes of French cuisine such as ratatouille, Gration Dauphinois and more.

So, if you love French food, visit us at www.french-food.com.


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