What Does It Mean To Be “Made In France” ?

When something is “Made In France“, we think of exquisite products with impeccable quality. Consider Joy perfume. Known as “the costliest perfume in the world,” one ounce contains 10,600 jasmine flowers and more than 300 roses. Introduced in 1930 by Jean Patou, it’s been a best-selling luxury item ever since.

The same high standard still defines French products today. The superb Bougies La Française Candles at My French Neighbor are but one example. The company has created private label scents for designers like Prada and Gucci. With a long tradition of candle-making dating from 1902, their long-burning scented candles are among the finest in the world.Made In France

When it comes to confections, French nougat is without equal, and our Montelimar Nougat is fit for nobility. The region of Montelimar has long been recognized for delicious nougat. Almonds used in the recipe are grown locally on trees that thrive in the region. These almonds make the nougat whiter, softer and simply delectable.

Fine mustard is also made in France.

Edmond Fallot Mustard still conforms to the manufacturing process ordained by official decree in 1390. Dijon mustard was invented in 1856 by Jean Naigeon when he substituted verjus, the pressed juice of unripened white or red grapes, for vinegar. White verjus has a crisp taste, while red verjus is earthier. A condiment extraordinaire, Edmond Fallot Mustard is a delicious complement for meat.

Garnier-Thiebaut’s authentic French linens are standard fare in luxury hotels and 5-star restaurants. Only recently have these extraordinary linens become available for home use. Our Garnier-Thiebaut aprons are perfect for anyone who takes cooking seriously. In stain-resistant coated cotton damask. they come in bright prints and wipe clean with a sponge.

Marius Fabre has been making all-natural Savon de Marseille according to traditional standards for over a century. Marius Fabre is one of the few remaining purveyors of authentic French soap. With 72% olive oil, Marius Fabre soaps contain a natural disinfectant that’s gentle enough for babies, pets and delicate fabrics.

Toile de Jouy is a fabric featuring bucolic French scenery. Original engravings are used to print the designs onto cloth. Since 2000, Toile de Jouy l’Authentique has experienced a fashionable resurgence and is used to create many of the fine accessories at My French Neighbor.

More than just a place where something is manufactured, “Made In France” conveys a history of fine craftsmanship, rigorous standards, and rich tradition. It’s no wonder that these words continue to evoke visions of sumptuous, superb products to this day.

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