Nougat from Montelimar

We have been asked a lot of time this question “What is Nougat ?”

If you traveled to France, maybe you did the trip from Paris to South of France through the Rhone valley. So you went through Montelimar. This is the town of Nougat. Even if, there are some nougat from other places, when French people think to Nougat, they think to Montelimar.

So, what is nougat ?

It is a candy made with sugar, eggs, honey, alomnds and sometime candied fruit.

The origin of Nougat is in Orient where women, during the Antiquity, used to mix almonds with honey and spices. It arrived in Provence but with nuts instead of almonds.

In Oc (the language of south of France), it was called Nugo. In the XVII century, Olivier de Serre brought the almond in the south of France. So, almonds replaced nuts in the recipe and the egg whites were added to make the recipe lighter. Nougat was born.

Nougat is one of the 13 traditional desserts of Provence.

At My French Neighbor, you can buy real  Nougat from Montelimar, we propose you :

- a 3.5 oz Nougat bar,

- a 7 oz Nougat bag.

Here is the Nougat page on the Montelimare Tourism office website

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