Dijon Mustard

Why is Dijon mustard so well known ? Whats is the difference between Dijon mustard and other mustards ?

Dijon was a convenient place to produce mustard. The Burgundians and the Dijon folk in particular, have had the well merited reputation of being fine gourmets.
A land of vineyards, Burgundy was always well located to furnish the increasingly numerous mustard makers in and around Dijon with new wines and vinegar.
A limestone region with dense woodlands, erstwhile the domain of the charcoal burners, the terrain is ideal for the cultivation of particularly strong and biting seeds. Little by little, the cultivation of mustard therefore developed in the region, that was thus assured of a long term self-sufficiency in terms of raw material supplies.

dijon mustard

Mustard is a real tradition in Dijon. It did not take very long for mustard to become a real tradition in Dijon, where its manufacture was governed by a decree dating from the 10th August 1390.

In 1634, the first official articles of association of the City of Dijon Corporation of Vinegar and Mustard Makers came to regulate the craft: Ethics and hygiene became the key words of the profession.
In the eighteenth century, the discovery of verjuice (grape juice harvested in Burgundy), put the finishing touch to this noble product. Verjuice (added to brown mustard seed) coupled with the milling of this mixture using millstones (thus avoiding heating of this highly sensitive paste) were to finally render the World-renowned high quality DIJON MUSTARD.

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Bon appétit !

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