Aleppo Soap – Savon d’Alep

You might be surprised : Why do i talk bout Aleppo soap ? It’s not French !

And you’re right but we also import this soap because it is very well known in France for its skincare properties and because our supplier Marius Fabre has the the best one.

Aleppo soap is done in Syria, in a town called Alep. It was brought to Europa by the time of the Crusades. It seems that it is the Ancestor of Marseille soap.

It is 100% natural. It is mostly done with olive oil and laurel leaves oil (bay leaves oil). It takes 20 hours to be manufactured and the soaps are dried 9 months in the open air. Aleppo soaps are also known as Aleppo’s green gold.

Aleppo soap is well known for its skin care properties due to its 100 % natural composition, the presence of Laurel oil (antiseptic) and the fact that is doesn’t dry the skin (it protect the natural skin oil).

Find the Marius Fabre Aleppo Soap at My French Neighbor


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