Bringing A Touch of Elegance Into Your Home With French Decor

Although overlooked by some, the decor we choose for our home is incredibly important. Our home is not just a place in which to sleep and inhabit, it is a place to relax, host and bring up our family. For this reason, it is important that we choose a decor that is comfortable, tasteful, reflects our personality and is utterly timeless.


French home decor is an often favored style of decor within the home thanks to its combination of elegance, rustic warmth and great use of color. By bringing the various aspects of French decor together, you will not only bring the French vineyards directly into your home, but you will also benefit from an elegant and classic style that is utterly timeless.



Much of French home decor revolves around the implementation of accessories and nick-knacks within a room. Much of French decor is about the countryside, so the introduction of farm images such as animals is a simple yet effective way in which to achieve this. In addition, invest in French pottery pieces that will not only effectively decorate a room, but can also become the staple piece of the room. Look out for pottery pieces in distinct French hues such as golden yellow, deep red and green, or patterned pieces which incorporate all these colors. For a more understated look, introduce terracotta pots in the room, adding flowers and herbs for a French garden look. Copper items, in particular, pots and pans, are a common accessory within any French country kitchen. Hang these from the ceiling with cups and bowls which can be neatly displayed.

Attention to Detail

Unlike some other forms of interior design, French home decor is more about shabby chic than clean, pristine lines. Do not be afraid to paint walls that sport cracks; implement faded, whitewash furniture or any additional, distressed items. All of these pieces will help to create that ‘lived-in’ look which is synonymous with French decor. However, be careful to not rely solely on old items. French decor is more about pairing the old with the new, helping to emphasize something that is worn in with something newer and more stylish. For example, brighten up a distressed table with a classic and fresh table runner. If adding fabrics within the home, look for those which are designed and manufactured to possess a traditional look and feel. Fabrics in muted, natural colors such as cream are not only easy to find within stores, but will also work well with almost any color scheme you choose. Above all, French decor is about creating style and comfort within the home.

That Extra Touch

As the French are fond of both food and wine, do not be afraid to show off your wine collection within your kitchen. A common trend within French kitchen decor is to collect and display the corks from wine bottles once they have been consumed which can also act as a form of memento. If you would rather steer away from bringing the countryside into your home in a literal sense with plants, etc, opt for floral stencils which can be added throughout the home which will not only help to bring a touch of French elegance in the home, but will also add a splash of color. The French are renowned for loving flowers, in particular, sunflowers and lavender so the implementation of a motif or colors that signify these flowers can be a great way to incorporate this aspect of decor in your home. In addition, they can help to liven up a room if you are somewhat hesitant to adapt a more muted color palette.


Bringing the French countryside into your home has never been easier by utilizing French home decor trends. Your home will become alive with elegance and shabby chic for that truly lived-in yet comfortable feel that you strive for. By implementing a few aspects of French home decor or a combination of all; you will not only have a home that is ideal for hosting, relaxing and living, but you are guaranteed to feel like you have been transported back to the French vineyards.

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