Bougies La Francaise

The candles from Bougies La Francaise (Bougie means Candle) are really unique. They are unique because of their quality but also because of their design.

But first of all, their fragrances are unmatched. To propose such fragrances, Bougies La Française works with the best specialists of perfume in Grasse. Grasse is a town in the south of France where all the most famous brands of French perfume buy their fragrances.

The factory of candles in Clisson was created in 1902. At the beginning, candles were mostly created for religious purpose. The market of Candles changed all the 20th century long to become a home decor market around 1980.

Now, 100 persons work in the Bougies La Française firm and these candles are sold in about 3500 stores around the world.

French candlebougie la francaisefrench home decor candle

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